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Yogaburn Teacher Training

Class description: Full disclosure: this is NOT your average yoga class. YogaBurn combines the best of fitness in a full-body workout. Our signature class features a strategic yoga warm-up and cool-down that bookend circuits filled with cardio, strength and resistance band training. We can’t forget the extra heat, too! Trust us, students of all levels will love this burn.

In YogaBurn teacher training, you’ll learn how to create and teach a fun, effective workout class by learning more about anatomy, the power of music and voice, and so much more! Spend the weekend covering all aspects of YogaBurn, including:

Anatomy - How to cue to proper alignment and muscle engagement, and what exercises best serve particular muscles

Music - Review how to use music to help with sequencing, timing, and energy

Sequence - Breakdown the different blocks of the class (warm up, core, arms, etc.) to help you create a class that achieves a full body work out to keep each and every class unique while keeping it YogaBurn!

Exercises - Review different exercises for each block and variations of exercises for all fitness levels

Coaching/Cues - Cues for safety and effectiveness, plus coaching to support and motivate your students

Are you ready to feel the burn?! 

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Frequently asked questions

Does this certification need to be renewed?

Nope! Once you’re certified, it’s good for life!

Can this certification go beyond YogaFit?

Yes! Any gym/fitness studio that offers group fitness/Sculpt classes (YogaBurn), or Barre classes (YogaBarre) will accept our certifications.

If I have to miss one of the days, can I register but complete the day I’m missing at a later date?

Unfortunately, no; so much information is covered over the weekend that it’s difficult to make up a day.

Is YogaFit hiring? Will I be able to teach there upon completion of the training?

The goal of these trainings is to have students become teachers! There is an audition process all prospective teachers go through that we cover in training. When we consider prospective teachers, we consider a number of factors, one of the main ones being that your availability for classes matches what we have open at our studios. Anyone who has had a goal of teaching at YogaFit has achieved that goal

Do I have to audition to teach right after training?

Nope! The door is always open to you to audition with YogaFit! We’ve had some trainees who audition right away, and others who choose to wait a month or two (or longer) to audition. It’s totally up to you!

How often do you host your teacher trainings?

We aim to host an average of four trainings per year (two YogaBarre two YogaBurn). A weekend intensive can seem like a lot, but I assure you, the weekend goes by VERY fast! When we have a teacher training date lined up, if you’re able to attend the whole thing, it’s a great opportunity to get certified, even if you’re unsure about teaching; you can always audition at a later date!