What Does The Om Stand For?


Ever wonder what the om truly represents? We’ve got you covered with the complete breakdown of what each part means and why.


Om is defined as the source, the vibration and consciousness of the entire universe. The word itself represents the Divine Presence and Power that is the Universe. Through its Sanskrit symbol, om can be broken down into the following states:


Unconscious State

This is the state of deep sleep where you have no desires, and also no dreams.


Conscious State

The most common state of human consciousness, this is when you experience the outward world through your five senses.


Dream State

In-between deep sleep and the waking state, the dream state allows you to see a whole new world behind closed eyes.


Maya Illusion

This is the barrier that prevents you from entering the infinite state.


Infinite State

The final, and most peaceful, is referred to as the infinite state. This is when the consciousness looks neither inwards nor outwards and the spirit is able to enjoy a quiet, blissful state. This is the aim of all spiritual activity.