Tips for Getting Started

New to yoga? Congrats on taking the first step on your yoga journey! Yoga is a beautiful thing. It can give you strength, peace, closure, and hope – not to mention all its physical health benefits. Best of all, yoga is for everyone. Anyone can do yoga. 


Each practice is different and should be approached as so. Every day you practice is like a new beginning. Start fresh and keep an open mind. 


Here are three tips for beginners: 


Take it easy: There’s no shame in being a beginner. You’re probably not going to whip out a perfect Crow pose on your first try – and that’s perfectly fine. You’re only going to grow over time. Modifications are there when you aren’t able to do poses. You still get the same benefits with modifications. 


No comparisons: Yoga is about one thing: you! Don’t compare yourself to others in the studio. So what if you’re not as flexible as your fellow yoga partners? That’s fine. You’re unique in your own wonderful way. The more you work at your poses, the better you’ll get. No one starts out a yoga pro. 


Positive thoughts: The worst word you can say in yoga is “can’t.” You become what you believe. If you think you can’t hold Crow pose, you’re not going to try it. And how will you know if you don’t try? Believe in yourself and your abilities. Over time, your poses will improve and you’ll expand your practice.