The Difference Between Balance and Stability

If you think balance and stability are the same thing, you aren’t the only one. The truth is, there is a difference between the two. The answer is short and sweet. Balance is your ability to control your body without movement against gravity. Stability is your ability to control your body during movement. Now, let’s dive a little further into each of these important parts of your yoga practice.



Balancing postures such as Tree Pose, Dancer’s Pose, and Warrior III are just a few examples of poses that challenge your balance.  They are static poses, meaning there is no movement. Holding yourself still on one leg without moving is the goal.



Dynamic movements like transitioning from a low lunge to Warrior I is the perfect example of putting your stability to the test. As you move, you try to flow smoothly without falling or wobbling. The ability to transition gracefully means there is high stability.


Improving the stability within your spine, pelvis, and knees will ultimately improve your balance. A regular practice improves both. Attend a variety of our classes including YogaFit Restore, YogaFit Core, and YogaFit Sweat!