The Benefits Of Yoga Classes That Include Fitness

YogaFit member Natalie Sell tells us how yoga classes that include fitness benefit her the most!



When I think about how yoga has impacted me and the benefits that I have experienced since starting to practice yoga and participate in fitness-based classes, the list is endless. I truly feel that yoga and fitness are not just part of my daily routine, but are part of what makes me whole. They are the foundation and connection to my mind, body, and soul.

Overall, I feel that I am healthier and stronger since consistently practicing yoga and participating in fitness-based classes. I am noticing more muscle strength and definition while still maintaining my flexibility. Each class, no matter the format (YogaFlow, YogaBurn, YogaBarre, or YogaRestore) is not only a full-body workout, but also connects my mind and my body, pushing me both physically and mentally to be my best self.

Even the smallest changes, such as moving up from 3 lb. weights to 5 lb. weights, being able to hold a new posture, or embracing the shake and holding my squat 1 inch lower, motivate me and are small accomplishments during class that carry a big feeling of success that in my opinion, can only be achieved from yoga and fitness.

These accomplishments and gains while in class are moments of strength that fuel my mind, body, and soul each day. I feel that yoga and fitness are a way of life and a mindset. They keep me connected to my body while enriching my soul. I am thankful for what yoga has done for me and I am excited to continue to deepen my practice and discover how I can continue to grow from fitness and practicing yoga.