Teacher Feature - Keelin Roche

Our teacher feature this month is Keelin Roche from YogaFit NE! Read below for one way she takes her yoga practice off her mat and into her life:

When I first began practicing yoga in 2012, I had lived my life very competitively. Judgment, and constant striving for "the next best thing" was a daily practice. I'm not going to lie, it took time for my practice to develop from competition-based to self-based, and here lies the principle of yoga that has been my main focus, and my biggest teacher: Aparigraha - the practice of non-attachment; to my practice, to a pose, and to my daily life. I try my hardest to bring this practice into and out of the studio to promote freedom and creativity even with the small things. It's not easy, but it's lessons are endless!

- Keelin Roche

YogaFit Northeast


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