Summer Bucket List For You & Your Bestie

As crazy as it seems, we’re almost halfway through summer! “Time flies when you’re having fun” has never been more true.

Chances are you’ve already been doing a lot of fun things with your friends, whether it’s hanging out at the lake or yoga on the weekends. But with the dog days of summer looming around the corner, you might be looking for new activities to spice up your free time. 

Check out this awesome bucket list to do with your best friend and see how many items you can cross off before summer ends. Not only is the list full of fun, but it's great way to improve your overall mental wellness too! 


- Chase down an ice cream truck together

- Leave a postive note on someone's windshield

- Go thrift shopping and pick out one thing for each other

- Volunteer at your local animal shelter

- Go an entire day without using your phones

- Tie messages to balloons and let them go

- Pull an all-nighter and play classic board games

- Switch names for an entire day (and go to Starbucks)

- Go to a strawberry patch and fill buckets to make smoothies 

- Write letters to each other to open in five years

- Get henna tattoos together

- Go to a baseball game and buy foam fingers as keepsakes

- Jump into a pool or lake with all your clothes on

- Make a friendship playlist and jam out in the car

- Go to the local carnival and take a ferris wheel selfie together

- Create your own hashtag on Instagram