Signs You’re Obsessed With Yoga

Can’t get enough of yoga? You aren’t alone. Trust us, we all know how amazing it is. There’s something about yoga that really latches onto you. It really breads a focus on healthy lifestyles. From what you wear to how you handle stress, yoga can impact your life in positive ways. Of course, there are some that are truly inspired by the yoga life — you know who you are!


You might be obsessed with yoga if…

-your 5:30 p.m. YogaFit class is the only thing that gets you through work

-your laundry hamper is filled with yoga pants, tank tops, and other athletic apparel

-when friends ask to meet you at the bar, you think it’s our YogaFit Barre class

-the first thing you do in the morning is set an intention for the day

-you have one or two selfies in the mirror doing yoga poses on your Instagram account

-your day isn’t complete until you’ve done a few sun salutations

-you own more yoga pants than jeans

-all the instructors know your name and favorite pose

-you plan your social calendar around your favorite YogaFit classes

-you are a firm believer in savasana, even at home!

-reaching for the top-shelf cereal box is a nice stretch for your sore calves

-you drink less alcohol because yoga is your release

-you hear “dog” and immediately think of your favorite: downward-facing dog


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