Pose of the Month - Side Crow

Our first Pose of the Month is side crow! Be sure to watch our video of how to get into this pose, and tag us in your side crow photos once you try it out! #YogaFitLife


1. Start in Chair Pose with a strong engagement of your core and legs. Squeeze shins and thighs together for a solid set-up. Pull your belly button down towards your heels to activate your lower abdominals, this is great preparation as you move into Prayer Twist. Elevate your heart high and draw your shoulder blades together to create lift through the top of your head. Maintain this power and length as you come to sit on your heels. Preparation for all inversions start before your feet are in the air.

2. Spread your fingers wide to create a solid foundation for flight, think about pushing the mat away with your finger pads, the L of your hand and palms. (Keep weight from bearing down onto your wrist to prevent injury) Lift high onto your heels to reengage your legs, pull your core in and charge your energy upward. Next shift your body weight forward, work towards bringing your elbows over your wrist to use arm strength. As you shift forward lift your head and bring our gaze forward and up. Look up to take flight, look down to go down.

3. As you create a “shelf” or stack your joints. Move far enough forward that your elbows are over your wrist, and shoulders line up with elbows. Use your arm, core and leg strength to lift your top leg first. You can use this shelf to help create more resistance and strength for lifting both feet off the ground or keep your bottom leg off your back arm.

4. As you push the mat away lift your top leg first (keep a bend in your legs or straighten), spread your toes and push beyond your heels so your top leg is actively fired up. Shift further forward, push the mat away again to maintain length and a strong center. Inhale to prepare. Each pose is a reflection of how aligned you are to your breath so remember your breath is the most important thing, if you forget to breathe take a step back and then try again. With your exhale lift your bottom foot off the floor. Continue to find a steady breath to maintain your pose and balance. Come out of the pose as slowly as you moved into it.