Moving Mindfully through the Holidays

Read Holly's blog post for more about moving mindfully through the holidays and focusing on yourself during this time of year.


We all know how the beat of our heart and the wheel in our minds begin to turn faster when the "holidays" arrive. This internal response could look different for everyone. For some of us it's mild, for others of us we feel as if we are chasing our tail and our days begin to turn into mush. When we are tasked with more and have a "checklist mentality" it's easy to loose the mindfulness that creates purpose and meaning behind our daily life.
This season I challenge you to let "move mindfully through this list" be #1 each day. Be intentional about how you will respond to the "busy times" and create space for yourself to slow down and soak in the beauty of what's around you. Keeping a regular yoga practice helps to maintain balance in the chaos. Find your classes this holiday season to stay grounded with gratitude.


Holly B

YogaFit Excelsior