Making The Most Of The Magic Hour On Your Mat

YogaFit member Sarah Rajala tells us how she utilizes her time in the studio to its full potential! 

Just like the heartwarming and encouraging YogaFit instructors remind us at the beginning of each class, the hardest part is getting there. 

The first step to making the most of a magic hour on my mat is making the initial commitment to not only take care of myself mentally and physically, but also to take a break from my responsibilities. Although it can be anxiety-inducing to step away from work, the time I invest on my mat always allows me to return to my duties with a refreshed sense of purpose and vigor.

Once I am in class-- surrounded by other self-aware individuals-- it is easy to let the outside world and worries slip away. I spend my hour breathing purposefully, moving and pushing my muscles intentionally, and treating my body exactly how it needs to be treated in that day.

I make the most of my hour by leaving my worries at the door, letting my body work and my mind meditate while on my mat, and taking all the positivity I gain at YogaFit back to the hustle and bustle of daily life.