How YogaFit Studios Helped Me Train For My Half Marathon

Our awesome (and inspirational) member Katelyn Regenscheid tells us how she changed up her training routine to train for her second half marathon using YogaFit Studios!

“The first time I trained for a half marathon, I pieced together my workouts and barely got by. Now, as I train for my second half marathon, I'm committing myself to taking care of my body in the process. This means doing things like regularly attending to my IT band, hydrating, and completing proper cross training. 

YogaFit Studios has been an integral piece of my cross training since I started increasing my mileage. I try to attend a few classes a week, including YogaFlow 2, YogaBarre, and YogaBurn. Each class offers a unique physical challenge that complements my running.

Overall, yoga has helped me practice mindfulness, strengthen my core, and build muscle in my back and arms. YogaFlow 2 improves my balance, strengthens my ankles, and challenges my core. YogaBarre helps me strength train the muscles I need for running, and YogaBurn develops parts of my body that would otherwise get neglected by running.

After months of my new routine, I've noticed my running form improve due not only to the added to strength, but also to my heightened awareness of my body and muscles! I highly recommend adding the amazing classes YogaFit Studios provides to any kind of training routine, you won’t regret it!"