How I've Grown To Love Holding Poses Longer

YogaFit member and teacher Lisa Monique Peterson tells us how she's grown to love holding poses longer. 



Start with an inhale.

I’ve always been a huge fan of holding postures. From a sleeping pigeon to a powerful crescent lunge, it was one of my favorite parts of the practice.

The biggest learning through my years of yoga and teaching is that it’s ALL in the breath. Every aspect of the practice has always drawn me back to that initial class where my instructor would consistently speak to our breath and learning to relax, while engaged, in the pose. Breath is what stabilizes me and is what keeps me holding stronger through each pose. When I am in a pose and begin to feel myself wanting to come out of it, I take a deep inhale in and exhale the breath from my lungs. This helps me to regain my focus and hold the pose even longer. 

Holding poses for a minimum of 5 breaths improves digestion, circulation and gives way to emotional and physical space. So, next time you're in the pose that you love to hate, come to your breath and bring your focus within. You will be amazed how quickly 5-10 breaths in a pose can change your outlook, and the benefits you’ll reap are never ending.

End with an exhale. Namaste.