Get to Know Your Instructor: Cat

Cat is YogaFit Excelsior’s newest instructor. She shares what inspired her to become an instructor nearly four years ago.


“Upon moving to the Twin Cities five years ago, I was looking for a fitness change. I wanted to challenge my body, while attempting to reduce day-to-day work and life stress. Yoga was the perfect balance and I dove straight into learning how the yoga study could benefit my life. I wanted to understand not only about the practice and background, but also thrive from the community. I love connecting with people while sharing my passion for teaching and practicing with those around me. 

I took the plunge and joined the Summer 2012 teacher-training group. I love how vinyasas and adjustments can change someone’s day into a positive experience. I was challenged in Spring 2014 to join the yoga sculpt teacher training. Yet again I was impressed by how much the body can handle when the mind is in harmony. Both practices have allowed me to flourish both professionally and personally. 

It is inspiring that in 60 minutes of yoga, I can reset my mind, open my heart, and change my perception to benefit from today's opportunity. That is the best gift of all.”