Create Your Own Luck: Yes, You Can!

There’s a famous saying we love that goes like this: “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” So how do you prepare for opportunity and luck? Try these tips and we’re sure this St. Patrick’s Day will be the start to your luckiest-self yet!


Make Room

Build time in your life for good fortune! Yes, we’re all super busy this time of year, but that’s no excuse! It’s so tempting to go through your days checking things off lists. But if you make time for your well-being, time where you’re not racing around and focusing on yourself, new doors will open for you. Some may call that being lucky, we call that being smart.


Mix Things Up

Break up your routine! Everyone leans on their habits, so try leaving your comfort zone every now and then. Challenge yourself by coming to a class you haven’t tried before, like YogaBurn!


Be Bold

Ask yourself, what have you always wanted to take a chance on? Give yourself permission to pursue a dream. Taking that leap is the first step to getting lucky in the long run! Your ideas can only come to life if you’re willing to take a few risks here and there.


Work Hard

You can’t go wrong with this one. If you have goals in life, whether to run a marathon or get into the crow pose, it’ll take work to get there! Show up, put in the time and visualize your success. It may seem like luck, but we like to call it dedication.  


Deny Failure

You know that voice in the back of your head that worries that you might not be good at something? Don’t listen to it! The people who feel lucky in life are the ones who are constantly trying new things. If an activity isn’t for you, on to the next one. It’s all time well spent and the lessons you learn along the way. There is no failure, only gratitude.