Body Boost For Spring!

Have you ever noticed how some people walk with an extra bounce in their step when spring arrives? It’s all about confidence. We want you to be one of those people! Here are some suggestions on how to have the best spring of your life.


  1. Make it Burn - If you want to turn heads at the beach this summer, start gathering momentum today! One way is through high-intensity interval training, which combines strengthening poses and cardio and core routines. YogaBurn is a killer class that includes all types of strength movements, promising a great sweat! 
  2. Eat Colorful Foods - Spring is a great time for you to review your diet. There are the obvious reminders, such as avoiding sugars and processed foods. But also consider the color of your food. Yellow foods are good for you, such as lemons, summer squash, and plantains. So are green foods, like kale, avocados, and Brussel sprouts, which are all nutrient-rich. Color code your diet and watch the results!
  3. Tone Those Arms - As spring and summer approaches, your sundresses and sleeveless shirts await! Try some basic exercises with dumbbells, like the arm circle or shoulder press to get your arms ready for the reveal.
  4. Try Something New - Why not treat yourself to a new experience? Join-in on a different class! Set a new goal! Have fun with your fitness and attend an event at your studio! This could be your season of transformation. Embrace it with a positive attitude and let us help you achieve YOUR dreams.