An Introduction to the Chakras

Chakra what?! You’ve probably heard your instructor drop a chakra or two during class. In yoga, chakras are meant to represent the centers of spiritual power in the human body. There are seven total. Basically, chakras are the wheels that generate energy throughout your body. They are powerful and important for you to recognize. Each chakra is associated with several universal qualities that reflect our personalities.

 So, where are the chakras in your body? Let’s break them down one by one:

 Sahasrara: The crown chakra is located at the top of your head. Known as the “master chakra,” it governs karma and meditation.

Ajna: The third-eye chakra is located between your eyes. It governs intuition and mental clarity. You’ll often hear this chakra called out at the end of class when you raise your hands to your forehead.

Vishuddha: Find your voice! The throat chakra is located at your spine behind your throat. It governs communication and independence.

Anahata: The heart chakra is located behind your heart. It governs (you guessed it!) love and devotion.

Manipura: Upset stomach? Focus here! The solar plexus chakra is located behind your navel. It governs digestion and anxiety.

Svadhisthana: The sacral chakra is located at the sacrum and governs reproduction and creativity.

Muladhara: Your strong base! The root chakra is located at your tail bone and governs instinct and stability.