We do more than inspire students through sweaty yoga classes! The YogaFit community expands beyond studio walls. We host and participate in fun local events - and of course, everyone is invited to join us. Check out some of the highlights below! 

Sleep Guide for Wellness

It’s no secret a large portion of us is impacted by lack of sleep. This can hinder our day-to-day activities and affect overall health.

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How to Burn Off Thanksgiving Dinner

Let’s face it, people can have a love/hate relationship with Thanksgiving dinner. With tons of delicious dishes on the table, it can be hard to “take it easy.” We stuff...

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How To Naturally Boost Your Immune System

With the holidays just around the corner, no one wants to be held back by a stuffy nose or a bad cough.

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7 Yoga Poses to Prepare for Winter Activities

Winter is here! Many of you probably participate in winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and skating. Winter activities engage muscles that we don’t normally use the rest of the year.

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Surprising Beauty Tricks with Coconut Oil

Thanks to coconut oil, you no longer need to buy tons expensive beauty products. Madonna, Emma Stone, and Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr are all fans.

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5 Yoga Poses to Wake You Up

At the crack of dawn, your alarm goes off and all you want to do is bury yourself in blankets.

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Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Looking for natural methods to support your weight loss goals? You might find essential oils to be good supplements to a healthy diet and fitness routine.

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Naturally Enhance Your Water

Staying hydrated can help prevent and alleviate headaches, reduce cravings, and improve your skin tone. Sometimes plain water just doesn’t hit the spot.

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Build Your Own Green Smoothie

Concocting a green smoothie is not only an easy time-saver, but also a smart way to get a nutritious, feel-good meal in your belly.

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The Best Yoga Poses to Relieve Soreness

Muscle soreness is normal after exercise or daily movement, but it can also be uncomfortable. Soreness is a result of tiny tears in the muscles.

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