We do more than inspire students through sweaty yoga classes! The YogaFit community expands beyond studio walls. We host and participate in fun local events - and of course, everyone is invited to join us. Check out some of the highlights below! 

15 Foods That Torch Belly Fat

After a long, cold winter season, odds are you are probably itching to get into your swimsuit and soak up the sunshine.

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Fitting Yoga in a Busy Schedule

If you are reading this, you mostly likely have a full-time job and have additional commitments outside of work.

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Which Class Should You Take?

Find which category applies to you to determine which class is right for you!

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How to Pick A Yoga Mat

Time for a new yoga mat? Let us help you choose the right one! Not all mats are created equal, so make sure you know what kind is right for you.

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What to Expect in YogaFit Barre

What do you get when you combine yoga with a ballet barre? An intense muscle-toning workout for your lower body.

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The Importance of Meditation

Am I going to get my work done on time? Did I turn the stove off? What should I make for dinner? Racing thoughts can be stressful and eventually take...

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The Benefits of Building Strength

Many people, especially women, shy away from strength training for fear that they will, “bulk up.” You may think of bodybuilders, but strength training can build lean muscle mass, in...

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Metabolism Boosting Superfoods

The higher your metabolic rate, the more fat and calories you will burn. These foods are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which are important for your overall health.

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5 Best Skin Care Oils

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and feel like it too! Being exposed to cold temperatures alternating with dry air from the furnace can dry out your skin.

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4 Central Reasons Men Should Do Yoga

It is no secret that the majority of yoga attendees are women. The truth is that yoga is just a beneficial to men as it is to women.

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