6 Things You Need To Get Rid Of This Season

Usually, spring gets all the attention when it comes to cleaning out unnecessary items in your home. But let’s be honest, not everyone has time to declutter your entire house every spring.
Fall is a great time to revamp and reorganize the things you DO need for the upcoming holidays and beyond, which means getting rid of the things that are taking up valuable space!


Expired Spices & Seasonings – Give your cabinets a rundown by taking all the spices, seasonings and condiments out and giving the shelves a quick cleaning. Check the expiration dates before putting anything back and keep track of what needs to be replaced. You’ll be stocked up and ready for holiday baking!


Sandals & Summer Shoes –  Shoes are easy to keep around “just because”, so be honest about what shoes were REALLY worn this summer. Donate or sell any of the others! The best way to do this is to remove ALL the shoes from the closet and then only put back the ones that you ACTUALLY wear. While the shoes are out of the closet, take this time to wipe down the shelves too!


Old Magazines & Books – Lighten the clutter by purging outdated magazines and books that are wasting space. Look for books you know you’ll never read again and pass them along to a new home or donate them. This will not only free up space for new books, but you can feel good knowing someone else is enjoying them as much as you did!


Throw Blankets – Who would’ve thought you could ever have too many blankets around the living room? These can easily pile up in a closet or behind the couch and take up usable space. Pick out a few that you love to keep in a basket and donate the others to a local shelter!


Product Purge – Believe it or not, makeup does expire and go bad. Chances are you’ve got some beauty products that have been sitting in the back of your bathroom cabinet for awhile now. If you’ve had any product for over a year and haven’t touched it, toss it!


Hidden Bedroom Junk – This one is kind of fun, not only because it feels like a game, but you’re sure to find funny things you completely forgot you even had. The bedroom is a great place for things you gather and can get cluttered, especially nightstands and dresser drawers. Set the time on your cell phone for 15 minutes and try to find as many things as you can that can be removed. Start with the floor, the flat surfaces (dresser top), or inside the drawers. It’s crazy what you’ll find when you’re forced to dig through everything!