12 Ways To Practice Mindfulness

Feeling a little "off" lately? You're not alone. With the seasons changing soon, our lives can seem to be a little more stressful than usual. Use these tips to help you keep your cool (and sanity) during this hectic time of year.

1. Ditch your phone

Now this doesn’t mean forever, but take an hour or two, turn your phone off and put it in a drawer, out of sight. Whether you’re alone or hanging out with others, you’ll be shocked at how your interactions change.

2. Become an observer

Practice non-judgemental awareness of the present moment. Noticing what is going on around you, accepting what you do and do not have control over.

3. Meditate

Dedicate a few minutes of each day to simply sitting and being. It’s okay to have thoughts during this time; acknowledge them, accept them, and return to breathing.

4. Break your routine

Habits are powerful, so try and break a daily part of your routine, whether it be taking a different way to work or clean your house differently. These change-ups allow you to really focus on what you are doing.

5. Embrace all moments

Take each daily experience and find a way to learn from it. Good or bad, seeing all moments as purposeful allows us to accept them more freely.

6. Do everything with intention

Actively keep a responsive and proactive head space. You don’t have control of all situations, only control of your reaction to them.

7. Write about or draw something ordinary

Take something you see everyday and write about it or draw it in detail. Pick it up, observe it from different angles, notice it’s texture. You may find that this once ordinary object is something magnificent.

8. Stop talking

Next time you’re in a conversation, really focus on what the person is saying. Don’t let your mind or eyes wander. Really listen to what they are saying and how they are saying it.

9. Live in grace

Use unnecessary kindess and forgiveness. This doesn’t mean letting people walk all over you, but give love where it isn’t expected.

10. Do something very slowly

Don’t rush through that grocery run or meal. Rather, take time to slow down and enjoy what you’re doing while you’re doing it.

11. Ditch multitasking

Productivity is great, but sometimes it’s healthy to really focus on one single task. Give everything a time and place, completing one task at a time.

12. Be in your body

Notice your posture, your body’s tension or pain. Stretch it out or get up and take a quick walk, being aware of how your body feels after.