11 Ways To ACTUALLY Stick To Your Fitness Goals

We all have the best intentions when we first start a new fitness plan. We tell ourselves we will be more accountable of our workouts and mindful of the foods we eat, but sometimes following through on those intentions is a major challenge! These 11 tips will help you conquer your goals all while gaining mental toughness, and getting a killer bod! 

  1. Start every day with a cup of warm lemon water. This will remind your body and your mind of its intention for a clean, healthy day.
  2. Inform yourself about the foods you’re putting in your body. Learning this information will help you make the best decisions throughout the day.
  3. Make a grocery list. Sounds simple, right? Research healthy recipes on Pinterest to create your list. Sticking to it will help save you money too!
  4. Pack your meals ahead of time and understand what you love. If you don’t like a certain vegetable, substitute it for another healthy option. Don’t force it, this should be a fun change in eating!
  5. Tell yourself you’re excited to eat healthy. Seriously, say it out loud. Verbalizing the fact that you’re CHOOSING to eat this way and are happy about it tricks the mind into continuing to do it. It may sound odd, but It works! 
  6. Plan your workouts! Whether it be your favorite YogaFit class or a run out in the sunshine, make a calendar of different kinds of workouts you can do and get excited about them!
  7. Embrace your new fit self! Share what you’re doing with others. Whether it’s a simple snapchat of part of your run or a cute Instagram at your YogaFit studio, sharing your workouts is a way to stay motivated and personally accountable.
  8. Dress the part. To help your mindset get pumped about your new fit lifestyle, buy a new pair of shoes or workout pants!
  9. Make a badass playlist. Load up on empowering, kick-butt, high energy music that get’s you in your “I am Beyoncé and nobody can tell me otherwise” mood.
  10. Don’t give up, if there is a day where you can only do half a workout, that’s okay! Something is better than nothing!
  11. Enjoy the process! It all won’t happen overnight. Remind yourself that you are constantly (mentally and physically) changing, learning, and growing. You got this!