10 Simple Ways To Ground Yourself

Happy Earth Day! People around the world are celebrating the environment. Our planet is a beautiful thing, but we need to do our part in preservation efforts. Today, we want to remind you to embrace nature and all it has to offer. Being mindful about the environment can also be incredibly beneficial for your soul.


Even the smallest efforts can make a difference. Simply appreciating what grows in your backyard is worth your time! Fresh air is a gift – and something we take for granted. In honor of Earth Day, dedicate some time to ground yourself. The following ideas will help you become more centered and balanced, which is always a good thing!


Which of the following will you do for Earth Day?


  1. Find a peaceful area outside to meditate.
  2. Hike an unfamiliar terrain.
  3. Plant herbs or a vegetable garden.
  4. Lay a blanket out at the park and read a book.
  5. Plant a tree in your backyard.
  6. Take pictures of nature around your home.
  7. Go to your local farmers’ market and try new things.
  8. Post up next to a tree and write in a journal. 
  9. Sleep in a tent outside and fall asleep to the surrounding nature.
  10. Practice yoga at sunrise or sunset.